Here's what I'm all about:

I always check out the about page first. Do you? I want to know who this is behind the website that captured my attention.

I love the water, grew up on the gulf coast of Florida, and spent almost every weekend with my dad on our boat. We collected shark teeth and snorkeled around Egmont and explored everything till the afternoon storms rolled in or the sun sank low.

My dad is also the one who, unknowingly, introduced me to photography. He was a serious hobby photographer--lights and backdrops in the garage, photo shoots with friends. It was fun, but it never occurred to me that other families didn't do this too!

Fast forward to today, I've combined those two loves of mine, the water and art, into one career. Photography, graphic design, in house printing and resin work all combine to create what you see on these pages. 

My husband Steve, and my two kids Evan and Lindsay, are usually not far behind on photo shoots--building sets for product shots, helping me carry ladders and gear to the beach, sometimes modeling and always offering to assist at a moment's notice.

I do clean up ok, but if we go to the beach together, this is the me you'll see: covered in sunscreen and ready to jump in the water. Here I was looking at a TON of snook wondering how I'm going to get the shot. If you know snook, then you know they're good at not getting caught--on a line or in a camera! Steve did catch (and released) a big's here if you're interested in seeing it.

Hopefully we'll work together soon and can meet in person!


My go-to gear:

Canon r5

Canon 24-70mm lens

Aquatech underwater housing

Adobe Suite

And here's my Artist Statement:

I’m a mixed media artist, born and raised on the Florida Gulf Coast, using photography, graphic design, printing, and acrylic resin. 

Waves, water, typography, and sailing are steady themes throughout my work. I am obsessed with the bold aesthetics of poster design, especially paired with the serene backdrop of coastal life.

At the core of my artistic expression is escapism. I want viewers to immerse themselves in my world where vivid colors, striking graphics, and coastal tranquility converge. I’m GenX and my work reflects my childhood influenced by poster design, MTV and the 80s ad aesthetics, resulting with a nostalgic retro vibe. 

Resin is the newest addition to my creative tool kit. I’m loving learning how to design my posters to include it’s amazing candy colored shapes and organic edges, and how I can add this new layer, quite literally, to my poster design.

As my artistic journey unfolds, my canvases expand, with the goal of offering larger-than-life encounters with my work. Rooted in a desire to evoke a sense of wonder and visual escape, my art stands as a celebration of the Florida Gulf Coast, merging the bold language of poster design with the captivating resin techniques, all while capturing the serene beauty found in coastal landscapes.

And here's what others are saying I'm all about:

Twice this year I have contracted Gulf Coast Ashley for photography on my charter boat to create content for my website and social media.  Ashley clearly put a lot of thought and preparation into the session before coming aboard.  Ashley’s vision completely aligned with what I was looking for and results were way beyond my expectations.  The media content that she created has helped transform my social media image and has directly resulted in additional bookings for my business.  I would highly recommend Gulf Coast Ashley Photography to anyone, except my competition. --Captain Mike Turner,

When my daughter was a rising senior, I reached out to Ashley. I’ve followed her work and love her eye for capturing moments. She met with us to scout locations, suggest color palettes, and outfit options. The day started bright and early, but the final photographs made it all worth it! My daughter had fun working with Ashley. She made her feel confident and comfortable. The photos turned out amazing! I would highly recommend Ashley for your senior photos. My daughter had so much fun working with Ashley, I plan to book her again for a family photo shoot next year! -Corrie Stover, senior parent

Gulfcoastashley was fun to work with and absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. Easy to tell she loves what she does. We will enjoy the captured memories forever! --Captain Simon Williamson, Bayshore Fishing Charters

I recently had the pleasure of having a photo shoot by Gulf Coast Ashley Photography for my GoDaddy Social campaign. Ashley was professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. She had great ideas and new exactly what do do to capture my brand and in photos. Most importantly, the photos came out beautifully. I would recommend her  to anyone needing a professional photographer for any reason.    --Captain Marc Laurin, Fish on Fire Charters

It was amazing to work with Ashley! She is a talented photographer with a great eye for detail and shares our love for the sea.
Also she is super professional. She kept us updated in every step of the shooting/editing process and shared with us high quality images to use. We are so happy with the results! --Gaby, G.Viteri

Ashley was so great to work with! She's so proactive in setting everything up. I was so impressed with the turnaround from when she got my product to the final delivery of the photos. She did some amazing work with with the flay lay styling--very different and creative. And the perspective of the shots from another shot were awesome!I had never gotten any underwater or drone shots before and she did both! The finished product of photos was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! I would recommend Ashley to anyone! --Union Swimwear

Ashley is a talented photographer with an extraordinary eye and the ability to turn products to life! She captured imagery for our products, Florida Salt Scrubs, that evoked emotion - you feel like you’re using the products! She’s professional and poised, pays attention to details, respectful our time and needs, and timely when it comes to shooting, editing, and sharing imagery. It was an honor to work with her! We are thrilled with her work and felt that she captured our products with incredible thought and intention. --Aria Morgan, Florida Salt Scrubs

​ I reached out to Ashley after following her captivating water images on Instagram to see if she’d be interested in taking lifestyle shots for me. I am so grateful she said yes because not only was I thrilled with the results, but shooting with her was easy and so much fun. Ashley’s passion for water and photography is contagious and did I mention she is wildly talented?! We’ve developed a wonderful relationship, both personally and professionally, and I could not be more excited to see what the future holds. --Laura W.

Ashley captured absolutely stunning product pictures for me. They match my branding perfectly, and are so crisp + gorgeous. Highly recommend! --Callee Ackland, owner Bestowed Essentials

I'm obsessed with photographing water movement over the sand, and she's expertly and beautifully captured what I'm always chasing, whether it's with a camera or in a swimsuit. --Cathy Salustri, A&E editor Creative Loafing Tampa

If I'm not at the beach right now, it's where I want to be; seeing this image of pristine water lapping at the shore reminds me of all the beach days to come. --Kate Bradshaw, news & politics editor, Creative Loafing Tampa

With all the hustle. bustle and excitement of your visit, I didn’t take the time to stand back and admire your artwork...until now that is. It is truly beautiful!! The wave, the colors, the gorgeous and very well crafted frame. I LOVE everything about it! Of course, I immediately sent a photo to my wife. She LOVED it too and is excited to see it in person on Tuesday. Thank you for everything! We will treasure it! And naturally tell all of our guests about your work! Look forward to seeing your Instagram post and feature article. --Jay Ertl, Art Collector

Behind the scenes are always fun!

A flippy skirt and breeze are always in style!

More BTS Lido beach just before sunset...and champagne! See the "girls getaway" shoot for the bottle popping shot!

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